Nacalai Tesque

Nacalai offers the silica and polymer filler columns that are combined under the name Cosmosil to chromatography users. There are a wide range portfolio of HPLC columns with various functional groups (C18, C8, NH2, etc.) and analysis specific fillers. With the latest technology Core-Shell and SFC (Supercritical Fluid Chromatography) columns, Nacalai closely follows the developments in the industry and develops innovative solutions.

  • C18-MS-II, C18-AR-II, C18-PAQ, C18-EB, Cosmocore C18
  • Cosmosil SL-II, CN-MS, NH2-MS, Sugar-D
  • C22-AR-II, C8-MS, C4-MS, PE-MS, TMS-MS
  • Cosmosil HILIC
  • Cosmosil Protein R, Cosmosil Diol, Cosmogel IEX, Cosmosil HIC
  • Cosmosil CHIRAL 3A-5A, Cosmosil CHIRAL 3B-5B, Cosmosil CHIRAL 3C-5C
  • Cosmosil CNT-300, CNT-1000, CNT-2000
  • Cosmosil SFC Columns
  • Cosmosil Columns with Special Functional Groups: Cholesteryl, PBr, PFP, NAP (Naftiletil), PYE (Pyrenetyl), NPE (Nitrophenylethyl)